Blame money, not school: Decoding myths around the education system.

To begin with, people think of all the things they couldn’t do in their lives, especially the things which they could have achieved like becoming a doctor, a bureaucrat or an astronomer. Then they send their children to a good school, as per their capacity. As the child steps up the grades, the expectations start rising. The end goal: a good job with stability and scope for growth. What’s wrong with that?
As the child nears the final grade, the pressure starts growing. A good college is all that matters at that moment. Many get it, many don’t. Both of them start figuring out how to get the best out of what they have. Everything was going pretty smooth till now. Then comes the time when you need to get the job. The job has to be an efficient one. It is supposed to meet all your needs. Again, many get it, many don’t.
Now they start talking. Talking about the future and all the potential problems they are about to face. Who is going to take the blame? The parents? No. Teachers? A little bit. The education system? Absolutely.

The 21st-century boohoo.

“Why did they even teach me trigonometry? I have never used it in my real life? The chemistry formulas have all been crappy. I don’t tell the shopkeeper how much amount of H and O I need, I simply ask for water. If only they taught me how to get a good job, I would have been the CEO of Microsoft. I learned nothing at school which helped me in becoming who I am. Everything I did, I did on my own. The education system needs to be revamped. Stop teaching calculus to kids. It’s not going to help them in getting successful and get a good job.”

Years ago, Newton curated calculus which has helped in physical sciences, actuarial science, computer science, statistics, engineering, economics, business, medicine, demography and multiple other streams.
Hipparchus invented Trigonometry which helped us advance in the fields of satellite navigation, developing computer music, chemistry number theory, medical imaging, electronics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, oceanography, seismology, phonetics and many others. If only these things weren’t there we would still be roaming around the earth searching for the meaning of life (in stars, definitely not on google).
Now, why do they teach them in school? It’s not supposed to get you a good job, silly, or excel in bargaining with a shopkeeper or negotiate salary with your boss. It is supposed to help you understand the basic nature of things around you. It all stopped making sense when getting a good job became the only goal in life. Making ton-loads of money became the only inspiration. Yes, you need money to get a good life but you also need to understand things around you so that this civilisation can grow and go farther, duh!
The smaller picture is what’s wrong with all of us. School is doing exactly what it was supposed to do. What people are doing is all that wrong with our civilisation. With every passing day, our planet and its habitants are facing a new challenge, a new problem and trust me a good job with security and medical insurance and more paid leaves is not going to solve it.
Your education is supposed to teach everything that has been done on this planet so that you can learn from it and do everything that is possible on this planet. There’s definitely something wrong with simply focusing on theoretical knowledge and not emphasising practical experience. Grades becoming a scale of measurement of capabilities of a child is gravely wrong. All the knowledge you get in school made you fit to become one with this ecosystem.
The world needs individuals who can decode the future and make it fit for every living organism. All these high-performers who got the top-notch position, couldn’t even collectively figure out how to tackle climate change till now. What do you think is going to give your child a better future a decade from now?

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