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5 powerful technologies to boost your advertising campaign.

Boost your advertising campaign with these technologies of 2020 and make your presence noticed.

Advertising and technology have been best friends since their inception. Organizations all over the world keep on looking out for new and attractive technologies all the time so that they can have the edge over others. The big, competitive world it is! In order to boost your advertising campaign using impactful technologies, you need to catch them young. One needs to keep looking for those with huge potential.

Masses dig engaging ideas. The newer the tech is, the better are the chances of wider engagement.

What matters is how efficiently you join the pieces to make it look the best version of itself. What are these pieces? Idea, content, approach, and of course the tech. These four combine together to help you get the best out of your campaign. Many people engage in taking the opposite route. They recognize the tech first, then decide the approach, then comes the idea, and lastly the content. This is disastrous.

The idea has to be the king, followed by content, approach, and then the tech.

Let’s begin with the tech now:

  • Augmented Reality– I wanted to begin with others but this one is my personal favorite. Every time I experience anything in AR, I am sincerely fascinated. It is the way this tech is built- to make the user go WOW!
    With Augmented Reality, you can boost your advertising campaign to a whole another level. People all over the world have experienced it in multiple campaigns and they believe this tech has huge potential. While a few years ago Augmented Reality seemed too futuristic, in 2020 it has made its mark and everyone is rushing to get their hands on it.

    Let me give you an example which made this tech a superstar. Our beloved burger company BURGER KING, created an AR-based campaign. In this advertising campaign, every time someone scanned the advertisement of a rival burger company, the advertisement seemed to burn in virtual blazing fire. Out of those flames appeared a coupon code of a Whopper offered by BK for free!
    The idea literally set the market on fire and Burger King created history with it.

Augmented Reality will change the face of customer experience.

Burger King Augmented Reality campaign.
  • Internet of Things– IoT has changed many things without us noticing even once. Since data is the most powerful thing in the 21st century, IoT has made it possible to access more of it. With its application, marketers can collect data based on the intent and behavior of the customer. The way consumers interact with a particular product can be understood and harnessed to provide a more personalized user experience. Similarly, the data can be used to monitor the pattern of users to understand their buying patterns.
    IoT has penetrated the market and those with knowledge are using it extensively to harness the best possible outcomes. Johnnie Walker recently launched an IoT based Blue Label series where bottles can share information with users through Near Field Communication (NFC). Another drink company, Malibu launched a series of connected bottles that are again IoT based.

IoT is helping advertisers collect quality data and reach out to their customers in an enhanced manner. With the right set of workforce and strategy, you can truly harness its power to boost your advertising campaign.

boost your advertising by shashi pathak
Johnnie Walker Blue Label uses NFC.
  • Virtual Reality– This tech is literally the synonym of immersive technologies. Virtual Reality has been making buzz since the beginning of this decade. We all have somehow experienced the tech, be it in games or experiencing museums or places of attraction.
    Organizations all over the world are interested in the way this tech works. Unlike AR, VR has an extra prop- the headset. This prop makes it easy for marketers to attract consumers. In addition, this feature also provides an outlook on how modern-day tech can fascinate customers.

    According to an article published on KPMG, “Immersive technologies present a great opportunity for companies worldwide in improving their digital footprints and exploring new revenue streams.”

Major players including Facebook, Google, Apple, and Samsung are putting much effort and capital in order to harness the true potential of Virtual Reality.

Boost your advertising
Virtual Reality is the pole-bearer of immersive technologies.
  • Geolocation– You are traveling to the bay area. While browsing google, you see an ad of a local restaurant serving a new recipe of pizza. Your tastebuds are excited now. You pay them a visit and enjoy their delicious new pizza. Wondering how this all happened? Thanks to Geolocation marketing, you can now engage with nearby users along with your regular user base.
    Google ads is one of the best examples of an organization using this tech to increase their reach. They have been using location-based targeting to attract more and more customers for your business.
    Using geolocation marketing you can reach out to a new user base on an everyday basis. In addition to that, you can also create more personalized and contextual campaigns.
    The majority of users will find this useful. It will save them the hassle of searching manually. This will certainly result in increased revenue and loyalty as well as a great boost to your advertising campaign.

Location-based marketing can help you reach out to unique users based on their location. Why target the same user base all the time when you can always increase it?

boost your advertising
Geolocation marketing helps you target users based on their location data.
  • Blockchain– A decade ago, nobody would have believed that programmatic advertising could be a huge thing. Blockchain is here and transforming the landscape for good. Ad-frauds have been a critical issue in advertising automation. Using blockchain, it can be eliminated. For instance, it helps in recording reconciled transactions on a decentralized ledger, which is effective in eliminating data duplication.
    Therefore, there is a minimum chance of falsifying campaign success data. This will save much capital with organizations.
    The best thing about it is the end-to-end transparency of the campaign. In other words, it ensures that the advertisement is displayed on a brand-friendly and fraud-free platform.

Advertising and innovation are always directly proportional. They simply complete each other. Above all, organizations need to focus more on creative ways to attract modern-day users. With Covid19 on the rise, the landscape is going to change completely. After that, technology is the only way out.


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