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Insecurity in the times of Social Media: The FOMO Factor.

There has been a rush to step out and shine in the times of social media but is it really worth it? You could be hurting without knowing about it. 

Every now and then, you keep on checking your phone. No notifications, no missed calls, no updates from anywhere. You re getting anxious. Is the world there yet? Have all the people gone missing? You got seven social media applications in your phone, four dating apps, eight news app, thirteen games, five e-commerce platforms- still nobody bothers to drop a notification. Its been almost an hour.

Suddenly your phone buzzes, you catch the glimpse of it faster than they sell a whoppr at BK. It’s none other than your phone. It’s telling you to put it on charge and switch on low power mode. This is more disheartening. Your anxiety suddenly shots up because it’s just 5% and you can lose power at any moment. You can’t afford to have it switched off. You rush to put it on charge. Suddenly, you get a message. It’s your friend asking you to come online for a quick match of counter strike. 

This is the life of an average teenager. Not just them, this syndrome is spreading faster than coronavirus in every age group. We are getting more conscious. We don’t know what it is, that we seek but we are involved in so many processes that the end result becomes too vague for us. Too many processes, simultaneously, each one of them with a promise of making you better than before. Yes, it’s a good sign that you want to be better than before. Everybody wants it. With all the technology present in the information age, you can become anything you want to be. Yet, you choose to be an insecure person. 

The FearOfMissingOut, popularly known as FOMO is as real as our existence. It’s like energy, passing from one form to another. Maybe because we were never taught to talk about things which makes us feel weaker. 

With the advent of the smartphone and social media, our lives started getting more entangled. We have been sharing a huge number of things over the internet every day, catching up with a lot of people and that has been keeping our brain occupied most of the time with a little chunk of information that needs to be processed. Now let’s say you call 5 people in a day on an average, share thrice on social media, go through the profile of 50 people, and read around 10 gossip stories.

This is just the average and I am sure a lot of you will agree with me here. Now all this information gathered from these interactions is stored in 68 little chunks. Some of the chunks are of reasonable size. Some of them are pretty small compared to the former. 

Now if you start processing these chunks, you will end up getting on conclusion somehow which is another piece of information to store. If you end up without a conclusion, god knows how many different chunks you created. Those 68 chunks have the ability to get converted into 68 hundred other pieces. All that in just 24 hours. Suddenly you sleep and its another day! 

All this creates an indefinite cycle of understanding and analyzing a plethora of things. Some of them get resolved, some of them are pushed deep down the corner of our brain. The unsolved ones then, create a ruckus every time some incident related to them occurs in our surrounding. Then onwards, you start getting a pattern of realization that there’s plenty of them which you left unattended for a long time. Now you’re in guilt, you can feel it all the time. This whole pattern repeats itself multiple times a day, thus resulting in insecurities. No, you can’t even talk about it on social media, trust me.

This is just the source of it. Now everything that follows, has a heat signature of this process. You become vulnerable. You’re unable to focus. Your brain is shackled but you cannot do anything about it. 

The main reason behind all your insecurities is also the lack of self-acceptance. You are not able to accept yourself the way you are. You feel threatened by the existence of small acne. Every time we think this life is cruel, just know that it’s you who is being cruel to yourself and nobody else. You allow yourself to think that some kind of cruelty is able to crush your spirits. 

Life has always been the way it was supposed to be. Everything that is happening around you is as perfect as it could be. There is no imperfection, neither outside nor inside. Every other person you meet leaves something of their own in you and takes something from you. This transfer of energy/thoughts/ideas/words/feelings/emotions/objects is enabling the cycle of our survival on this planet. You don’t have to get stuck at one point. To keep the cycle going, you have to keep moving without being affected by one particular transaction. 

Don’t be burdened by legacies, understand that there are enough resources within you to grow towards better outcomes. Originality is respected and admired all over. You have to act on your instincts and not at the pleasure of others. 

All this sounds much philosophical right now because we all love to learn things the hard way. Its actually good that way as long as it does not involves any harm to your personal or professional life. 

You just need to practice introspection every now and then and try being kind to yourself. Honestly speaking, there’s nobody for you out there other than you, yourself.


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