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How to design a marketing campaign in 2020?

As much as I am reluctant to make this sound like a version of the post-apocalyptic world, I can’t help but see it in a similar manner. Let’s understand how is it going to change marketing methods all over the world.

Earth has met one of the worst disasters of this century, that too, by the end of just the second decade. The roots of which were not planted by us, but we reaped its produce. Somehow we can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s a long way. We need to be prepared for the journey, for it is what matters the most at present.

Maybe someone, at some point in time will design a train which will directly ship us to the end but not now. We are walking, barefoot, on the fire with a chance of slight rain and that is how it is.

Businesses all over the world are suffering pretty badly. We are not going into numbers because there’s plenty of it. Talking about a few would sound like an injustice to others. Trust me that is the last thing we would like to do right now.

So how do we go about creating a design which makes sense in 2020 and years to follow? We have had our lessons, we faced the worst (which was only happening in movies).

Like Forrest’s mama said, “Dying was a part of life”, the policymakers and strategists need to understand that unlearning is a part of re-creating the design, similarly. The old ways need not be killed for they already have died a painful death. We have already shown that we have the capability to forget them like they never existed because we want to survive and that is what makes us more mortal.

Although there has been a ruckus while transitioning, we all know inside its for the greater good. Greater good, is the term of the moment, for it is the source of individual wellness while fighting from this disease.

These are the times when brands and organizations learn to become more thoughtful while designing a marketing funnel. You don’t need to fight dragons to curate one. Just observe things taking shape around you, slowly as they escalate. You can be the champion of voices but are those voices relevant anymore?

There will be a tussle between old ways and new ways, offline methods and online methods, data-based and instinct-based judgments. You must not forget that these tussles have been game-changer in past times. Certainly, they will produce a fruitful outcome.

Let’s start with what we got here in bits and pieces. The assembly will then fall upon your shoulder, after I am done.

Data is going to play a vital role in deciding the fate of many campaigns. Your analysis is only relevant if your data has volume. You need to be inclusive while choosing what kind of data to analyze. You cannot just scratch on upper layers and derive a mechanism for the whole lot.

The reason being so, is that a lot of consumers will have a latent coping mechanism. You will definitely miss out on them proving a long term disaster for your planning. Bigger brands have already been following this methodology and it made them invincible somehow.

Online methods will make sense for a long time to come as the e-commerce boom is on the rise. While selling or promoting yourself online, you need to consider the fact that being omnipresent is not what you’re looking at. You need to be precisely selecting where to put your resources in use. Hit and try and opt for what suits you the best.

Of course, you will improvise later but never try to be a risk-taker. Don’t be a stupid risk taker, but a sensible one which acts on facts and minutely analyzed data which speaks for itself. People have been spending money on online mediums without proper knowledge about how it works, solely under external influence. That has made them bleed money and resources for a long time and it has been a major reason why people (mostly in developing nations) have been ignorant of digital means. You are not helping your organization if you’re not educating yourself on what’s what of the internet.

Talking of planning the placement, don’t get stressed by the weight of stereotypes. A banner at a prime square might give amazing results but why be scared to try graffiti in low lying streets? There’s more footfall in local areas than central spaces and that could be a major benefit for you.

Likewise, we need to reassess the placement as the times are and will be constantly changing in the next decade. Data findings from the lockdown stand strongly in favor of going local.

The manner in which societies are evolving, interacting more with their sudden environment, there could be a major hassle while selecting the target audience based on their interest areas.

The new generation too is growing a viewpoint as they are exposed to the buying culture of the 21st century. Everyone has been together in this, demolishing the barrier of work distribution and that has induced more of democracy into consumer behavior.

Suddenly there is a need to re-check the way your product communicates with their user. The user has grown different notions in the last few months and us more flexible while choosing what to buy.

What if you suddenly become irrelevant to them. That is why you must analyze the process in which your ideas are propagated to the users.

Do not just quash everything from the beginning but come up with a taller building that can replace the dominance of the now-shorter ones. Use new technologies to reach out to a bigger audience.

Immersive tech has been making a name for itself in the past few years and is perfect for you to reach out to those who are not able to reach out to the older meeting points. Yes, you all had meeting points. You knew exactly where you were meeting your potential customer. Assign new ones now.

Now if you assemble all these points together, I am sure you can formulate a strategy with a broader mindset. Don’t feel hopeless for not all is lost yet. You can re-assess, re-design, and certainly become better than before.


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