You need a plan, not a website.

You need a plan, not a website.

Every time you start thinking about what’s going wrong with your marvelous marketing plan, just ask yourself one thing- What was the goal to be achieved by its implementation? Was it the success of a product or making a website?

You started a business with a goal of making it bigger, inducing growth factors to push it ahead and suddenly one of your strategies fails, hitting your venture with a negative impact. What do you do? You close your eyes and say “It’s not you, it’s me”. Yes, that is how you begin with owning your decision of focusing on short-lived plans with no bigger goals.

Generally, people confuse their randomly gathered knowledge stored in some random corner of their subconscious brain, with relevant factual data which is required to formulate a strategy. That is one of the detailed descriptions of the highly overrated statements, that is “I know it all”. You might know it all, but you can’t be good at it all. Sadly, that’s one of the truths you will have to live with along with all the bad decisions you took for your business.

Frankly speaking, the devil is in the details. It’s a good habit to talk about all the little things but then you need to address the elephant in the room in the end and it’s not going to be an easy job. The first mistake you make is to invest heavily in sales while keeping less for other activities which might be helpful in gaining wholesome traction. This analysis of where to invest your resources comes from understanding your goal. What do you want to achieve? It could be anything but it must never be running ads or getting a website just because others are doing so.

It should start with writing down a target, mentioning your budget and bulk of apt data to help you visualize the path you need to reach the destination. The journey is important not because it has plenty of little achievements. It’s important because it gives you an insight into why all those little factors were important. It’s like getting notes, you can always access it for future planning. Now, you have the target decided, all you need is a campaign design.

A blueprint which talks about Hows and Whys of everything that is needed to reach the goal. It could be walking on the seashore, if it yields results. Don’t feel undervalued if an easy looking factor is contributing to your goal. Be happy instead, for your hassle has been decreased.

A highly-performing advertising campaign is the one that is planned well using appropriately accumulated data, designed in a manner to provide maximum output while utilizing minimum resources. Your media buying game has to be strong to understand where your placement will prove to be fruitful. Do not forget to consider the fact that people have a shorter attention span as most of us are well-versed in the art of multi-tasking.

This has paved the way for a more competitive landscape for advertisers. Ads can’t be just entertaining or solely informatory. There has to be a perfect combination of both. Data plays a crucial role here, as you need to recognize the spots where output is maximized. There will be fluctuations but a properly managed analytics job will keep it going strong. A precise analysis is a must before deciding the fate of any idea. You cannot simply run on instincts.

Advertising has evolved into a multi-dimensional portal that engages numerous proven methods but there never is a guarantee if you’re not choosing the right. You need to be looking at the bigger picture while balancing the equation of every small contributing factor. Next time someone asks you to get a website for your business, ask him to get a life, and plan it well!


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